Litovelský otvírák



Litovelský otvírák
Letos se opět konal Litovelský otvírák. A my jsme byli u toho!
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  • Hi Rosemary,Thank you for updating me on missing classmate Richard Wells. You were right that he was not inthe class of 1962. I had recently emailed his brother Dan, and he informed me that Richard hasbeen teaching and living in China the last six years.Regard, Charlene (Demonet) Fisher

  • Thanks Alexandra. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this sweater! Bonus points that it’s handmade by Nanny and passed down in the family. xo

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  • Dobrý den,počasí si jaksi vybrat nelze, 11. 11. je pevný termín pro oslavu, to bychom museli dělat osloavu v nějaké vytápěné budově a to nechceme. Příští rok bude mimo jiné instalován vytápěný stan. Podle naÅ¡ich informací měla stát degustační dávka mladého vína 10,- Kč. Nediktujeme vinařům cenu vína, cena je zcela v jejich „rukou“.S pozdravem

  • Kromě zimy mi trochu vadilo, že větÅ¡ina vinařů do zakoupené degustační skleničky prodávala automaticky vzorky 1 dl za cenu cca 20 CZK. Takže avízované ceny vzorků byly jiné a hlavně se toho opravdu nedalo tolik vypít. Å koda. Jinak díky prodejcům husy – byla výborná.

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  • Cancer is largely environmental in nature with aging being a compounding secondary factor. The myth here is that indigenous people, living off the land, would incur the same incidence of cancer and epidemiological patterns of cancer as say, a office depot worker in suburbia. The myth is that a lifetime of trace exposures to thousands of different synthetic compounds has little effect on your chance of getting cancer (since indigenous got the same incidences without all the chemicals)

  • Great Post!Once again you’ve posted another article full of great information. I think you covered it nearly all in Tip #4, but the importance of scapular mobility and surrounding cuff strength is absolutely critical. Scapula depression and retraction is quite important and I often see many YouTube’rs pressing the weight (and arms) out of depression and/or the shoulder-locked position. I think you’ve nailed it Mike. Great post!

  • in your tips regarding keeping the shoulders healthy over the years and they all helped me get back to feeling better. The biggest difference for me was to realize I did not have to bench as much as I did and to cycle more pulling exercises in. Also, to take out benching all together for a period of time to fix the imblances I had between my pulling and pressing muscles.

  • She was never exposed to plastics, metals, chemical their kitchen utensil were made of mud and wood they didn’t use modern medicine, when they were sick they use aged animal oils/fat, herbs, roots, leaves and plants I remember when I used to visit them I used to get sick, stomach ache my great grandma used to roll a leave of certain tree and make a pill like of the leave, it was bitter beyond imagination but it was an instant cure her tooth paste was salt their sweets were fruits

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